Incathlab: Transcontinental Collaborative Experience on Covid-19 & Cardiac Patients: Before and After the Breakout

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To view this interesting webinar on the management of the COVID-19 pandemic for cardiologists, please click the link below:


COVID-19: Current worldwide status
Eric Eeckhout & Max Amor
Heart and COVID-19
Houng-Bang Liew

Practical setup of the cathl lab in COVID times

Jack Tan Wei Chieh (Asia), Eric Eeckhout & Max Amor (Europe), Christopher White & Rajiv Gulati (US)
How do you stage your primary PCI who needs a 2nd vessel?
Lam Ho
Management of vulnerable patients
Eric Eeckhout
Prevention of pulmonary embolization & thrombosis
Gilles Montalescot
Management of structural and valve interventions?
Rajiv Gulati & Malcom R. Bell
Cardiology training and COVID-19
Houng-Bang Liew
Applicable drugs & NSAID inhibitors
Christopher White
What after the pandemic & 2nd peak
Panel discussion


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